Time is Running Out to File Your Property Tax Grievance

Thinking about challenging your tax assessment this year?  The time to act is now.  The tentative tax roll for a number of municipalities (including school taxes) in Westchester came out on June 1. There is still time to file your property tax grievance if you act quickly. Substantial reductions of a property owner’s assessment are fairly common. MGS can assist with your challenge. To learn more

Each year as cities, towns and villages publish their tentative assessment rolls, commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners weigh whether or not to file tax grievances with their municipality’s Board of Assessment Review. There is little reason for a property owner not to investigate grieving their taxes since the investment is low and the probability of returns is reasonably high. Reductions between 10 to 20 percent of a property owner’s assessment are fairly common.  In certain extraordinary cases, far greater reductions may be warranted. However, given the complex factors, the multiple dates for filing and new laws which may affect property values and grievance procedures, taxpayers who are considering filing should get expert help.  For more information, Contact Kevin Staudt at kstaudt@mgslawyers.com or call 914-949-6400.