Mercy College Receives Approvals from Irvington and Dobbs Ferry for Improvements to Campus

White Plains NY – September 2022- Mercy College will undergo a host of site improvements at their Dobbs Ferry campus from new landscaping and signage at its entrance to a new open-air pavilion and pollinator garden following approvals from the Villages of Irvington and Dobbs Ferry.

The Dobbs Ferry campus, which is located on the border of the two municipalities, is undergoing a major beautification project timed to coincide with planned improvements to the main entrance to the College on Route 9/Broadway. The approvals were obtained with the assistance of White Plains law firm McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt, LLP (MGS).

“We are pleased to announce MGS was successful in obtaining the necessary approvals for numerous projects at Mercy College from both the Village of Irvington and the Village of Dobbs Ferry. Because the campus resides in both municipalities, approvals were required from land use boards in both villages.  Our team worked diligently with the client and respective boards to ensure each of the projects followed the appropriate regulations and met the requirements for the respective approvals,’’ said Seth Mandelbaum, Managing Partner for McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt, LLP.

Thomas Simmonds, Vice President for Operations and Facilities at Mercy College, said, “McCullough, Goldberger and Staudt LLP’s experience in handling land use approvals covering multiple jurisdictions and municipalities was indispensable in making these projects a reality. These improvements and additions to our campus will not only benefit our students, but the surrounding community as well.”

Among the improvements planned for the campus are:

  • Redesigning the main entrance into the college, including features such as improved turning radii and circulation, extensive new landscaping to provide a “pollination corridor” and new “Mercy College” signs on either side of the entry driveway from Broadway/Route 9
  • Creation of a new dedicated exit lane to allow for right turns onto Broadway
  • Improvements to the entry driveway approaching the guard booth, including a raised pedestrian table where the Old Croton Aqueduct crosses the entry driveway, as well as a second entry lane to prevent backups of the driveway on occasional high-traffic days
  • Improvements to the existing R-Lot parking lot
  • Building a permanent open-aired pavilion in The Grove area of the campus

The work is scheduled to be started over this summer and fall, and completed by November of 2023, in conjunction with the improvements in the New York State Department of Transportation project.


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